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Fortune Roll Sushi on Feb 3

Fortune Roll Sushi on Feb 3


*PICK UP Only 4pm-6pm on February 3rd .

*Chef's choice 7 kinds of ingredients inside. *Uncut(*Photo:Image Photo)

*Unagi eel,Egg omelette,Cucumber,Shiitake Mushroom,Shiso leaf,Denbu(Fish powder)


Buy → Eho-Maki Feb 3rd (Setsubun Day) only | HAL YAMASHITA Napa (


February 3rd is the day of Setsubun.

Setsubun signifies the ending of winter and the beginning of spring.


Fortune Roll Sushi (Eho-maki )is a sushi roll that is believed to be good luck when eaten on Setsubun day. This custom began in the Kansai area but now it has become a nationwide event .


When eating Eho-maki, look in the year’s good luck direction, and eat quietly while making a wish.


The 7 filling inside Eho-maki represent the 7 gods. This has the meaning of “rolling in goodness (luck).


How to eat Eho-maki?

1.While you eat Eho-maki, you must be silent!


2.Eho-maki are also called “Maru-Kaburi-sushi” (swallowing sushi) because of the traditional way to eat it. That's why we don't cut sushi roll at this time. (If we got your request,we can cut,of course) *The eating of Eho-maki without cutting reflects the idea of forming good relationships.


Make a wish → Close your eyes and eat the roll uncut all while facing the Eho. 


*The Eho (good luck direction) is South-Southeast in 2023.