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■Happy Hour Menu *Dine-In  (not Available now)

pdf Happy Hour Menu June 15-.pdf (0.15MB)

■Dine In Course Menu                (not Available now)

pdf HAL YAMASHITA Course Menu from June 13 2020.pdf (0.33MB)

■Dine In A la carte Menu  (Not Avallable now)


pdf HAL YAMASHITA Napa a la carte Menu from June 13 2020.pdf (0.24MB)pdf

  (not Available now)


 ◆ NEW Menu from Feb 24  (Not Available now)

     AkAMATSU Course        赤松 コース   88 dollars

     GOYOMATSU Course   五葉松コース 120 dollars

     SAKURA Course               桜コース       155 dollars

     KUROMATSU                   黒松コース     188 dollars


             Robata Grill,Tempura,Sushi etc.


◆Lots of Japanese Sake  (by the glass  10 dollars ~ ) :Not Available now