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Sake Class on July 25(Mon)#4 How is Sake made? *Sake Brewing

Sake Class #What is sake made from?   June20 (Mon)/June26(Sun)

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Japanese Sake Class* July 25 (Mon)

#4 How is Sake made? * Sake Brewing


Hi Sake-lovers! One of the most knowledgeable Sake Educators from Japan is joining HAL YAMASHITA Napa for an educational evening of sake tasting. Certified Ayumi Kuroyanagi will be guiding you and teaching everyone, that enjoying sake is not complicated and yet simple and refreshing. In a relaxing and filled with fun 60 minute lecture, you will enjoy different sakes as well as a brand new SPARKLING SAKE- ICHIDO. This incredible sake will be used to create fizzy cocktails. Hope to see you all there, Let's enjoy some sake together!


▶Date: 5-6pm,July 25(Mon) *Door Open 4:50pm

▶20 persons Limited

▶Title: #4 How is Sake made? *Sake Brewing

▶Certified Lecturer; Ayumi Kuroyanagi

▶ICHIDO Sparkling Sake ,Japanese Sake

▶Cost:$60 per person *include each glass of a few kinds of "Ichido Sparkling Sake" Japanese sake, and Sake cocktai etc

*No show,No refund


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▶Place: HAL YAMASHITA Napa 1300 Main St.,Suite 100,Napa